PierAntonia Design began in 2018 and we are a partnership of two friends with a shared passion for fashion and textiles. Antonia started sewing at a young age and whilst living in Italy she trained as a dressmaker and studied Fashion design and Pattern Drafting. While living in the UK her interests extended into Patchwork and Quilting further advancing her sewing skills. Piera found her true passion in fashion styling when she moved to London. She decided to become a Personal Stylist and started her own Image Consultancy business. We have been friends for a very long time and starting PierAntonia felt like a natural extension to what we both love doing. We often find ourselves liking the same things, we complement each other’s skills and our designs are born out of passion and love for what we do.    
How did we get into designing prints for textiles? We were working on a project for a friend who wanted a silk organza fabric printed with peonies and roses to make a custom dress for a special wedding occasion. After extensive searching through fabric shops in London and online we could not find the right fabric and we asked ourselves “why can’t we design the fabric?” I suppose we then had the proverbial ‘light bulb’ moment and realised that we both actually had the skills to create the design our friend wanted and have the fabric printed so PierAntonia Design was born. 
We are developing a range of scarves in silk, cotton and wool. All the print designs featured are available to be ordered in fabric by the metre. We can source different types of fabrics including silks, cottons, linens, wools, polyester as well as eco-friendly textiles. The minimum order is one metre. If you are interested in purchasing our printed fabrics by the metre, please contact us with your requirements and we will send you a quote. We also offer bespoke design for textiles and surface print, no project too small.
Our aim is to work in a responsible and environmentally friendly way and for this reason we have decided to work as much as possible on demand to minimise stock and avoid wastage. We take our time to design, create and craft beautifully well-made products that will last. We work with suppliers in the UK that can digitally print small quantities on demand and are committed to responsible and sustainable methods of manufacture. This sometimes requires longer production times but we believe this is a small price to pay to help protect our planet. Digital printing uses less water and less chemicals compared to traditional methods of printing therefore has a less harmful impact on the environment.

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